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It is difficult to calculate why they spread, due to the rare diagnosis of the correct diagnosis. These diseases can be distinguished from each other based on the results of histological examination. Among many pulmonary problems, interstitial lung disease occupies an important place, as it has a long, severe development. Often with a fatal outcome, due to the continuously developing fibrous and sclerotic restructuring of the respiratory organs.

The interstitium, where inflammation develops, is located in the septa in the middle of the alveoli of the lungs and blood vessels. Due to the influence of an infectious factor, swelling occurs, which leads to a change in gas exchange. When the course of the disease is protracted, the lung tissue is subject to irreversible fibrosis. With this disease, the quality of life and disability of the patient almost always decreases.

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The causes of the development of idiopathic interstitial pneumonia have not been fully studied. A change in immunological homeostasis is sometimes associated with the disease, and the triggering cause of the disease is an unknown agent to which the body produces antibodies. The disease pulmonitis can be caused by such infectious agents. People who smoke or have previously smoked, people with HIV, and AIDS are susceptible to inflammation of the respiratory system. The lymphoid form is characterized by a combination with autoimmune diseases and immunopathies.

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One of the main causes of desquamative disease and respiratory bronchitis is smoking.

Cryptogenic organizing disease often has an idiopathic course, and may be associated with collagen diseases or treatment with medications - amiodarone, gold drugs.

The inflammatory process occurs as a pneumonitis, has an immune, non-infectious development, affecting the alveolar walls, extra-alveolar connective tissue of organs, with the possible secondary formation of exudate inside the alveoli. This disease is characterized by initial damage to buy ipratropium online tissue with the accumulation of immune cells in it, which secrete a variety of wounding mediators at the primary stage and fibrogenic causes that give rise to fibroproliferative effects at a later stage.

Characteristics and signs of lung diseases. Interstitial pneumonitis is an infectious disease characterized by a slow onset of symptoms followed by impaired gas exchange. A chest x-ray shows typical abnormalities in the respiratory organs. Based on morphological changes, idiopathic diseases are divided into types. Common symptoms of interstitial disease are shortness of breath. Its manifestation and increase will depend on the phase of the disease and the severity of development. The cough is often dry and may produce a small amount of mucus and pus. The severity of development and outcome of the disease depend on the type of pathomorphological disorders. Pneumonia of nonspecific form.

Nonspecific interstitial pneumonia develops slowly.

It may take years from the onset of primary symptoms to the establishment of an accurate diagnosis. This disease is more often observed in adults aged 40-50 years. These are also smoking patients and those patients who have connective tissue diseases. Cough and shortness of ipratropium pills increase gradually. The main symptoms of pneumonia include. X-rays show a symmetrical lesion, often appearing peripherally. For most patients, nonspecific interstitial pneumonia is characterized by adverse consequences.

Organizing pneumonia manifests itself equally in men and women aged 45-55 years.

This lung disease is determined by the overlap of the bronchiolic lumen and alveolar ducts with granulation tissue, which leads to buy combivent online of a chronic form of lung damage. In addition to the interstitium, the pathological lesion involves the alveoli. During auscultation, dry rales can be heard. The main symptom is sound when breathing. Patients often come to a specialist when they develop severe shortness of breath, which occurs with little physical activity. The symptoms are similar to ordinary inflammation of the respiratory system, which is why unsuccessful therapy with antibacterial medications is often prescribed.

If the formation of cryptogenic pneumonia is suspected, a physical examination, radiation and histological examination are prescribed. The inflammatory process often affects both lungs. Rarely, darkening of the alveolar region of one lung occurs. The X-ray image reveals darkening in the lower sections, as well as nodular shadows along the vessels.

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Treatment is carried out using glucocorticoid drugs. Complete recovery is noticeable after 2 weeks. Often the disease recurs, so additional therapy is required. The disease is characterized by the proliferation of alveolar cells and thickening of combivent pills. Destruction of cells in the cellular layer of the alveoli occurs quite often. However, dead cells are able to partially maintain viability and become nicrotic.

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